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Information for our customers
during the current situation

Broadwindsor Stores is offering a free delivery service to vulnerable customers in the Parish during the Covid19 pandemic, thanks to volunteers.
Please e-mail your order to: with name, address, telephone number, and a list of items needed.

If you are able to visit the Stores:
Please note that we need to close the shop temporarily when we get a big delivery, so if you are making a special journey, please check in advance: 01308 867922 (apologies for any inconvenience).
- May we ask you to read our Covid-19 restrictions notice before your visit, please.

Message from Andrew Hookings

Our community shop, its staff, volunteers and committee are doing everything we can to keep the shop open, shelves stocked and everyone who works or uses the shop as safe as we can.

Although our shop is, to a certain extent, dependent on our wholesale suppliers for many of the goods being sold, we are pleased to say that currently the shop does remain pretty well stocked.

I appreciate the support we are having from existing  customers and new customers alike.

My plea to our new customers is please remember where you shopped, once this virus is over and normality returns.  We would like to think you would continue to support your community shop.
Thank you.

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